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Is my car insured?

Properties of human beings are exposed to different kinds of risks. And such risks involve losses. So how can you reduce such risk?

Insurance is a great tool which reduces the cost of loss or effect, caused by a huge damage on your belongings. Whenever you think about your valued assets, ‘car’ is found somewhere on the top list of your protected possessions. So why not to keep your precious assets in safe hands?

Is my car insured

Is my car insured?

But you already know all that, and you are here because you want to answer to one question :

Is my car isnured?

Keep yourselves reassured that your car is in secure hands!

There is a lot of insurance fraud, so to make you and your care safe we have made insurance form. Through this form, you can easily find out if your car is insured. Don’t let anyone make a fool of you, and always check your car insurance.

Easy way to check

A lot of people wonders if their car has been insured. There is a easy way to find if it is. All you need to do is to fill this form. Filling this form we can check if your car is or was insured in past. This is the easiest way to answer your question “is my car insured” and not only that you will know if your car is insured or not, you will know where is it insured. We will also suggest you where to buy cheap car insurance, and what are the cons of cheap car insurance.

You need to have in mind that we do not have an instant refresh of our data, so if you have insured your car a week a go, you will not be able to see that in our data.

Without your car insurance it is not recommended to drive a car, in case of accident you will have to pay damage on the other car by yourself. There are also a lot of reasons why you must insurance your care, but I guess this one is enough!

In order to find out if is your car insured you have to give us your licence plate number and vehicle type.

Database is refreshed daily with new data in order to provide this service.

Where can you check if your car is insured?

The easiest way to check if your car is insured is at the Motor Insurer’s Database (MID). All you need is your car registration plate and you will have the valuable information.

Here it the link to the MID database.

Car insurances

United Kingdom has the largest Insurance industry in Europe and the third largest in the World. Car Insurance in UK is compulsory. In order to drive your car on the public road, you must have one of the three types of vehicle insurance. So here are some types of car insurance you must choose for your life long belonging;

  • Third party – This type of insurance covers required by law. It protects other road users and the general public, covering the damage of somebody else’s car or injury to anybody else but does not offers compensation to you or your car, even if it’s stolen or damaged.

  • ThirdParty Fire and Theft – It is very much similar to the third party. BUT it also covers your car in case of being stolen or damaged in fire.

  • Fully Comprehensive – This type insures your every part/aspect of vehicle harm and theft, as well as your personal effects.

  • The average price in UK for insurance is 970 Pounds.

  • Comprehensive car premium average is 600 pounds.

United Kingdom’s Insurance companies also allow insured cars to travel to other European Union countries with minimum third party cover. In case of more covers in your insurance like theft or damage to your car abroad, you can also claim such incidents from your Insurance Company.

Keep yourselves reassured that your car is in secure hands.